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Sunday, 01 December 2013 07:28

Prayer for our new prayer home—

Prayer leader: Bless those who looked on us

and saw who we are, and who we are working to become,

and knew this space would fit us.

All:  Bless those whose vision built this sanctuary,

where there are few walls to keep us separate,

and mostly windows to teach us to see.

Prayer leader: May this be a place of challenge,

where we are reminded we must look out,

for there is work there You would have us do.

All:  May we see each time we gather,

there is to be no space between us and those in need.

Prayer leader: Each week this space is flooded with light, and song, and Presence;

--Your grace and Your light, Your peace and Your abundance.

All:  May the prayers we offer here both call us out, and invite all in.

Prayer leader: Remind us always:  the earth is Yours and everything in it.

All:   We are the caretakers of Your gifts to us:  this building, this light, this space, this bread.

Teach us to yearn always to remain poor:  to hold this space in faith and love to be given again some tomorrow to those working to build Your kingdom.

Prayer leader: May we find peace in this house of prayer.

May we grow here, nurture one another here, find healing here—

Find a home here for as long as we have need.

All:   And when the right time comes, may we let it go as gracefully as those who gifted it to us.

Keep us in Your light, keep us in Your care, keep us always looking out.


Lisa Mullen  7-28-2013